Find My e-TAG Number

Where you find your e-TAG number will depend on which type of e-TAG you have. See the images and descriptions below to determine where you can find your e-TAG number.
Please note: the numbers shown on the images are for example purposes only.

GoVia QML (201)

This is a 10 or 11 digit number. The number that you should use needs to be 10 digits long. If your e-TAG number is 11 digits, omit the last number. For the image below, the number you'll use is 1212087770 (you would omit the last 4).

RMS RTA (100)

This is a 10 digit number. It's likely that it'll start with 3 zeros, followed by a 7 digit number starting with a 1, 2, 3 or 4.
If your e-TAG has 6 digits, append 4 zeros to the front, so that it is a 10 digit number.

Eway Interlink (108)

This is a 10 digit number, starting with 108.

Eway Interlink (111)

This is a 7 digit number, starting with 7.

Still can't find your e-TAG number? Press 'Help' within the Partner App for support.

Other e-TAG Brands

Unfortunately, the airport boom gate system will not accept any e-TAG types that are not listed above (such as Flow Tolling or Airport Link M7).

In order to register your e-TAG and be eligible to receive airport trip requests, it's recommended that you get one of the above eligible e-TAGs. One such option is GoVia, which you can order one through their website.